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I try to write down all of my long-form thoughts on programming, leadership, user friendly design, and more, and collect it here.

The Emotional Journey of Leaving the Code Behind

Transitioning from a developer to a manager is akin to navigating a new programming language — it’s unfamiliar, occasionally daunting, but immensely rewarding when proficiency is achieved. This blog post outlines the transformative journey, based on my own experience, shedding light on the nuanced shift from hands-on coding to leading a team of developers.

Headless App Development: How SaaS can be Your Secret Weapon in a Competitive Arena

It’s 2016 when I’m about to visit one of the largest television media companies in the world to talk about a potential collaboration as a freelance developer. At that moment, I loved creating unique, tailor-made applications where every detail was perfect for the user, both front-end and back-end are all made for the user and every pixel and line of code is written with love. After a really good session I left with a wider view about software development. With a lean team, they produced high-performance applications for their own global television formats in just a few weeks. Read how this changed my view and can help you in your own project.

Achieving Team Balance: How to Ensure a Harmonious Engineering Team

A well-balanced team is crucial for the success and productivity of any organization. When team members are aligned, motivated, and working together harmoniously, they can achieve remarkable results. However, I have experienced firsthand how everything can be easily disrupted when a team loses its balance.