Jos Koomen

I’m Jos. I have a passion for empowering teams!

Hey, Iʼm Jos Koomen, and I find my purpose in the world of leadership and engineering My mission? To inspire teams, guiding them to create awesome products in a safe and motivated environment.

Outside of my professional life, my heart belongs to my beautiful family — my three wonderful children and my soon-to-be spous. The moments we share and the bonds we create keeps me sharp and motivated. When I need a break from the hustle and bustle, youʼll often find me strolling through nature, letting the soothing rhythm of long walks clear my mind or immersing myself in enlightening podcasts to get new insights.

My passion extends to building engineering teams anchored in values like integrity, authenticity and empathy. I believe that when everyone feels supported to open up, they can unleash their full potential, resulting in the development of high-quality, scalable products.

With over two decades as a full-stack web developer and almost 10 years in team leadership, my journey has been a diverse and enriching one. I thrive on learning, especially when it comes to team dynamics, fostering healthy cultures, and product development.

Iʼm not just here to share my experiences; Iʼm here to connect with you. So, please donʼt hesitate to reach out via LinkedIn, Instagram or email. Iʼm genuinely excited to engage in meaningful conversations and build connections that matter. I look forward to connecting with you soon!